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  • I love temporal thermometers for their ease and speed. Students seem less likely to be anxious using this method. As Gail mentioned, these are very reasonably priced, I got mine at Walmart. All you need is a box of alcohol wipes to disinfect the end. ...

  • Lisa, Your question on the SNNET is a very good one. "Hi Martha, You mentioned IHPs are for nurses and not school staff. This is a great point. In my experience, I've had teachers request to upload IHPs into eSped database. I'm curious the ...

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    RE: Chronic lice

    I'm pleased to see continued conversation on this topic. I now offer a few comments that reflect my own perspectives that are informed by a little bit of experience. 1. Head lice almost invariably transfer by direct head-to-head contact. Hence, worries ...

  • I agree!! ------------------------------ sheryl bassman ASC Robbinsville, NJ United States ------------------------------

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